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Singapore hardest hit by coronavirus in Southeast Asia

Christian Fernsby |
Singapore confirmed 799 coronavirus infections on Monday, bringing the number of cases to 14,423, the highest among Southeast Asian countries.


Its modern health system, however, has helped it contain the death toll down to 14. Nations in the region with fewer positive cases such as Indonesia (9,196) and the Philippines (7,777), nonetheless, report more deaths (765 and 511, respectively).

Since the vast majority of those infected are migrant workers housed in camps with limited hygiene conditions, the government will urgently build several field hospitals.

One of these will be at the Changi exhibition center, one of the largest in Asia, where more than 4,000 patients with mild symptoms and in recovery will be hospitalized.

Inside there is room to install 2,700 beds, while its exterior will be expanded to enable another 1,700 beds. According to plans, a team of robots will bring food and other services to the sick to minimize the risk of infection on medical personnel.

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