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South Africa coronavirus variant reached Australia

Christian Fernsby |
Australia has become the latest country to confirm the presence of the new South African coronavirus variant.

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A woman travelling from overseas, who arrived in Queensland on 22 December, tested positive while in hotel quarantine. She is now being treated in hospital.

Queensland Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Yvette D'Ath announced the discovery in a live coronavirus update.

She said: "We can report that it has been identified one overseas individual who arrived in Queensland on 22 December has tested positive for the new South African variant. This will be the first positive case of the South African variant in Australia.

"We have seen other jurisdictions record a UK variant, but this is the first time the South African variant has been identified in Australia.

"The positive news, the good news about this individual is they were in hotel quarantine at the time they were tested and they have since been transferred to a hospital and we are absolutely confident that all proper measures were taken at the hotel and in the transfer and of course at the hospital in relation to this positive case."