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NEWLY REPORTED COVID-19 CASES IN LAST 24 HOURS (6.15.2021, 11:19am CEST, WHO):   U.S. 8,197    India 70,421    Brazil 37,948    France 2,850    Turkey 5,012    Russia 13,721    The United Kingdom 7,319    Italy 1,390    Argentina 13,043    Columbia 28,519    Iran 10,715    Mexico 1,707    Peru 2,566    Indonesia 8,189    South Africa 7,657    The Netherlands 1,066    Chile 6,190    Canada 1,120    Philippines 6,426    Iraq 5,040    Pakistan 1,019    Bangladesh 3,050    Japan 1,076    Malaysia 4,949    Nepal 2,049    United Arab Emirates 1,837    Saudi Arabia 1,109    Bolivia 1,607    Paraguay 1,786    Panama 1,573    Tunisia 1,316    Uruguay 2,043    Kuwait 1,563    Venezuela 1,377    Oman 1,806    Sri Lanka 2,284    Thailand 3,355    Cuba 1,349    Zambia 1,414    Afghanistan 1,814    Mongolia 2,263    Uganda 1,727    China 206    Singapore 25    New Zealand 1    Australia 14    South Korea 374   

UK’s daily coronavirus death toll breaks Italy’s record

Christian Fernsby |
The United Kingdom (UK) is reportedly set to extend its coronavirus lockdown period after the country’s daily death toll surpassed that of Italy’s daily record.

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According to a British newspaper, Express, UK recorded 938 daily deaths on Wednesday, ahead of Italy’s record of 919.

The UK Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) on Wednesday disclosed that there is now an increase of 938 deaths, taking the UK’s total to 7,097.

The health agency disclosed this in a tweet on its official Twitter account @DHSCgovuk.

“As of 9am, 8 April, 282,074 tests have concluded, with 938 deaths,” the health agency tweeted.

“Those hospitalized in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus, 7,097 have sadly died.”

Reacting to the development, British Chancellor, Rishi Sunak disclosed that the best way to stop the spread of Coronavirus was to stay at home.

Sunak said: “The priority is to stop the spread of the virus – and the best way to do that is to stay at home.”

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