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WHO: Bubonic plague in China is not high risk. China: It is risk

Christian Fernsby |
Chinese health officials confirmed Tuesday that a case of bubonic plague was diagnosed in the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia.

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World Health Organization spokeswoman Margaret Harris said in a Tuesday press conference that the situation was being “well managed” by China, and that the WHO did not currently consider it a “high risk.”

The health commission in Bayannur, a city 500 miles to the west of Beijing, issued a low-level public health warning through the end of the year after it found a case on Sunday, Xinhua reported.

Officials also banned the hunting of marmots that is believed to be the cause of the 1911 pneumonic-plague epidemic, which killed tens of thousands of Chinese.

A city health official warned of the risk of human-to-human transmission, according to state-run media outlet China Daily. “At present, there is a risk of a human plague epidemic spreading in this city. The public should improve its self-protection awareness and ability, and report abnormal health conditions promptly,” the Bayannur authority said.

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