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195 countries adopt Kunming Declaration to tackle biodiversity loss

Christian Fernsby |
195 countries have pledged to come up with an ambitious plan to reverse biodiversity loss, saying strong political momentum was needed to meet the defining challenge of this decade.

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The pledge was contained in the Kunming Declaration adopted on Wednesday (Oct 13) during the United Nations Biodiversity Conference, also known as COP15. The declaration was named after the Chinese city where COP15 is taking place.

The first part of the summit is seen as essential for generating momentum toward reaching such an agreement, which has been compared to the Paris Climate Accords for biodiversity.

Announcing the adoption of the Kunming Declaration, China’s environment minister Huang Runqiu said its main purpose was to reflect “the political will of all parties and to send a strong message to the international community of our strong determination and the consensus in the field of biodiversity”.

He emphasised that it was not a binding international agreement. Tough negotiations lie ahead as countries work towards a framework to guide efforts to safeguard nature and ecosystems.

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