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88 percent of Lithuanian children use internet without supervision

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A new generation of children is growing up in Lithuania, an overwhelming majority of whom use the internet every day and spend an average of 3 hours online per day.

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Most parents believe that the internet can have a negative impact on their children. However, 88 percent of minors use the internet without adult supervision.

The study, commissioned by Teo and Omnitel and conducted by the market research company SIC, shows that two-thirds of parents use at least one tool to ensure online safety, but the absolute majority of them consider that this is not enough.

59 percent of the interviewed parents think it is most likely that their children will be faced with inappropriate information on the internet.

Almost half of the respondents fear that children may download malicious applications, and more than 40 percent of the parents are worried that on the internet their children may come into contact with dangerous individuals.

Parents with children from 13 to 14 years of age demonstrate most concern about their children’s online activities.

As shown by the study, namely from this age children become heavy internet users – they spend more than 5 hours on the internet daily and, in addition to playing games, searching for information or watching videos, they discover communication with other people on social networking sites.

The vast majority of the parents who participated in the study say that, at least occasionally, they talk with their children about all the threats lurking online. 39 percent of the parents talk about this on a regular basis, 55 percent – sometimes.

More than two-thirds of the interviewed parents said that they use at least one online safety tool. internet access control is the most popular method.

Among other popular safety tools, the parents named software that blocks access to selected sites, as well as software that blocks unsolicited messages.

As many as 90 percent of the parents believe that it is necessary to take additional measures to enhance the safety of children on the internet.

The study shows that 82 percent of children from 7 to 16 years of age use the internet at least several times a day.

All the interviewed parents stated that usually their children connect to the internet at home. About a quarter of the respondents indicated that their children use the internet at school and while visiting friends or relatives.

For children, the most popular devices to access the internet are their personal smartphones, 67 percent of children have them. 29 percent of children have their own tablets.

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