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Bulgarian population could drop below five million in 2070

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The population of Bulgaria could decrease by two million people, dropping to a total of five million people in 2070.

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A pessimistic forecast of the National Statistical Institute (NSI) on the demographic outlook of Bulgaria until 2070 shows that the population of Bulgaria could be only 4.9 million people in 2070.

The greater problem is that the decrease in the population will be accompanied by aging, high mortality rate, dropping fertility rate and emigration of young people. The number of pensioners will surpass the number of working people, private bTV station informs.

According to the most probable realistic forecast, the Bulgarian population will decrease by more than two million people in the next 55 years, dropping to a total of 5 132 023 people.

The optimistic forecast predicts that the Bulgarian population will be 5.5 million in 2070, meaning that even under the best case scenario the number of Bulgarians will decrease by more than 30 000 annually.

This is the approximate number of the inhabitants living in towns such as Razgrad and Dupnitsa.

In case the pessimistic prediction is fulfilled, the Bulgarian population will exceed its 1920 figure by only 100 000 people, when the country started recovering from three wars and two national disasters.

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