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Ecuador to build houses from chocolate waste

Christian Fernsby |
The architects from Atelier Valentino Gareri decided to build up Ecuador with houses from the waste from the production of chocolate.

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The company presented a project of a village with 3D-printed buildings from cocoa waste, writes Designboom.

When developing the concept of the settlement, it was important for the specialists of Valentino Gareri's bureau that the structures of the houses were modular and capable of changing shape or size depending on the location.

All buildings will be made from local materials such as bamboo and cocoa-shell fiber to protect the planet from emissions during the transport of raw materials.

The architects, together with Ecuadorian chocolate maker MUZE and the charity Avanti, have conceived the idea of ​​creating an independent and multifunctional space - the village will have a chocolate factory, a cocoa recycling plant, its own educational and research center, living quarters, a coworking area and an ecotourism site.

There are also plans to connect the village to the blockchain and NFT.

The colors of all the buildings are inspired by the colorful houses of the locals and the shades of the cocoa fruit, and the shape of the buildings is reminiscent of the examples of Ecuadorian art. In addition, special reservoirs for collecting rainwater are built into the roofs of the houses.

Pedestrian streets and bike paths will be equipped on the territory of the village, as well as the necessary infrastructure for electric vehicles will be installed. It will not be possible to enter the village by trucks or cars with internal combustion engines - a bypass road is provided for these types of transport.

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