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Funchal City Council in Madeira implanted trees with microchips

Christian Fernsby |
Funchal City Council in Madeira, is installing an innovative new system for tree management by implanting microchips in all trees in public areas.

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The first phase of the project which has been running since May, targeting the trees in parks and public areas, will transform the way analysis, monitoring and maintenance of about 8,000 trees is done.

Age, maintenance history, possible diseases, inclination, geolocation, latitude and longitude information will all be recorded in a database, says the municipality.

In the second phase of the project, "a mobile app will be acquired that will allow instant reading of the information of each tree via a smartphone or tablet".

The aim is to ensure full management of the variety of existing species as well as appropriate and effective maintenance of trees in the municipality, preventing diseases and anticipating any needs for intervention.

According to the deputy mayor, Idalina Perestrelo, in charge of Natural Resources, "green spaces are an inseparable part of Funchal's identity".

"Funchal will now be at the forefront of a new paradigm in terms of planning, management and enhancement of the tree heritage of Madeira".

The first phase of the project should be concluded "by mid next year".

The implementation of this new system, along with the continuous training of maintenance and intervention teams, will soon ensure management of tree heritage in Funchal is at the forefront of best European practice.

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