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Hackers claim to have all information about all citizens in Serbia

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Five Serbian hackers hacked Serbia's state system and took ID numbers of almost all citizens of Serbia, or so they claim, Blic reports.

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In an e-mail they sent to Blic, hackers claim: "We have whole Serbia in our hand. We have almost all information about the Serbian citizens starting from ID numbers to what they do, where they work, live, their phone numbers".

As evidence they sent tabels with information about residents of several cities in Serbia. "We show this information in public for many reasons. The first and main reason is that our cyber police chases exclusively Serbian hackers while it ignores Albanian hackers. Now they will have more than specific reason to look for us, but they will waste their time," the e-mail reads.

The second reason is that people listed see that their privacy in this country is threatened and that this data can provide absolutely all information about them. "The third reason is that the state sees, and after multiple warnings realizes, that the security of the system is weak and that they should take more care about it," the e-mail reads.

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