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Hungary produces first plastic electric bus

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Hungarian-owned company Evopro Holding Zrt have produced the world's first electric plastic bus, the Modulos.

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The European Commission says the project, which took three years to complete, cost a total of HUF 1bn (£2.4m) including around €400,000 (£310,000) in EU funding.

The buses, 25 of which are already under production, are two tonnes lighter and have thinner walls than conventional metal buses. The plastic bus can carry 65 passengers, has a low floor for easy passenger access and has a range of 100 kilometres on a single electrical charge. The buses have also been produced in a hybrid version.

Modulos are constructed from several modules which include a driver's cabin at the front, the back module with the engine and middle passenger modules. The company says that this allows buses of different sizes to be constructed using the same manufacturing process, although the current maximum length is 9.5 metres.

The European Commission highlights that local transport is one of 12 environmental indicators assessed as part of its European Green Capital Award.

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