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Mexico hopes to see three times more monarch butterflies

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An important recovery of the Monarch Buterflies because of actions taken by Mexico, the U.S. and Canada will allow the arrival of more than 3 times the amount of 2014.

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The number of monarch butterflies reaching their wintering grounds in central Mexico this year may be three times higher than the previous season, authorities said today.

Speaking during a visit to a monarch reserve of Piedra Herrada, in México state, with U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, Mexican Environment Secretary Rafael Pacchiano said initial reports suggest the butterfly population is rebounding.

The goal for 2020 is to reach 225 million buterflies in the Mexican reserves. Pacchiano said the butterfly colonies could cover 3 or 4 hectares (7.8 to 9.9 acres) this year, and officials hope to reach 6 hectares (14.8 acres) in the reserves by 2020.

Pacchiano said that Mexico wanted to rebuild the arrival of the buterflies so it was agreed to create a tri party group.

The Monarchs also know as (Danaus plexippus) fly more than 4 thousand kilometers from Canada and the United States runing away from the cold winter and reaching Mexico.

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