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Moscow cats eat entire banana crop

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Moscow's Apothecary Garden recently harvested their first banana crop which was intended for the park's visitors.

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However, the resident cats beat the visitors to it, and gobbled up the whole crop themselves, reported the press service of the botanical garden.

“Recently, we gathered a harvest of velvet bananas and laid the flesh with seeds to dry on a saucer. When I walked into the greenhouse, a large portion had been eaten and near the crime scene a tortoiseshell cat sat licking herself.

“In the same spot a black cat was chewing on a piece of banana,” the curator of tropical plants Vitaly Alenkin said.

According to him, because of the naughty felines the autumn distribution of bananas for the garden visitors has come under a threat.

Cats living in the Apothecary Garden are descendants of the royal cat of Peter I, who founded the garden back in 1706.

In December 2015, it was reported that the abnormally warm weather increased the smell coming from the valerian root.

“The cats stretched out on a bed of fragrant valerian in the garden of medicinal herbs for stormy meditation,” the garden staff noted.

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