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NASA expects to ensure water supply for trip to Mars

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NASA is researching the technology to recycle urine of astronauts given the lack of water during a future travel to Mars.

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To develop a system that will increase the recovery rate of water from the urine of astronauts aboard the International Space Station, the agency selected the company Paragon Space Development Corporation, as per the NextStories website.

In this regard, the contract, worth 5.1 million, and sponsored by NASA's Advanced Exploration Systems division, foresees manufacturing a Brine Processor Assembly (BPA).

The technology will undergo a demonstration test at the space station, with the goal of achieving at least 94 percent water recovery from urine, ahead of the 2018 trip.

The Water Recovery System captures and processes the astronauts' urine, but the intent is still to recover the additional unrecovered water in the resulting effluent (brine).

On this subject, the BPA will be used to recover more water from brine.

According to experts, reducing the number of costly resupply launches is essential for future deep space missions, including those of NASA to Mars.

Therefore, BPA technologies will help achieve this reduction through the reuse of critical resources to the greatest extent possible.

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