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Singapore iconic statues to undergo regular cleaning

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Singapore's icons, Sir Stamford Raffles and the Merlion, will undergo routine cleaning, next week, Singapore Tourist Board reports.

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The two icons will undergo a wash down on days when ASEAN neighbours, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia celebrate Songkran, the annual water festival, with a good soaking.

Sir Stamford Raffles statue at the Raffles Landing Site along the Singapore River and Merlion statues at the Merlion Park will both be hoarded up from April 13 to 14 and April 11 to 15 respectively.

Visitors will not be able to take selfie photos with the founder of the city-state and the Merlion's water feature will be switched off.

The four-day Songkran festival in neighbouring ASEAN countries is a time when elders are blessed with water and the faithful bathe Buddha statues in ceremonies at temples.

Sir Stamford Raffles and the Merlion will be treated to a more aggressive scrub and soak delivered by high-pressure water jets.

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