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Enjoy snow because it could disappear for most of UK, says Met Office

Christian Fernsby |
Snow that settles on the ground in winter may disappear for much of the UK by the end of the century due to climate change, a Met Office analysis has suggested.

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Detailed projections suggest traditional winter activities such as building snowmen could be lost.

The research, which will feature on BBC Panorama on Monday, suggested that most of the south of England may not see days with freezing or below temperatures by the 2040s, due to climate change.

If this trend continues only very high ground and parts of northern Scotland will experience freezing temperatures by 2080.

The findings are based on projections assuming global emissions continue to increase. However, the Met Office said that while this scenario may not be the most likely outcome, it is credible.

If emissions are reduced, the UK can avoid larger temperature rises, but average temperatures are still likely to increase.

Hotter, drier summers are also more likely if emissions continue to accelerate, the Met Office said, highlighting there will be regional variations in the effects.