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Supervolcano underneath Yellowstone might erupt this year

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Studies found out that there's a humongous magma reserve underneath the Yellowstone National Park in Idaho and experts confirmed the reserve formed a supervolcano underneath the park.

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When a supervolcano erupts, it has a devastating capacity so great that it can wipe our two thirds of the U.S. Recent signs show that the Supervolcano might erupt this year.

Earlier this year, researchers performed an in-depth study on the supervolcano underneath the Yellowstone National Park. Experts earlier predicted that the next big one will happen in about 10,000 years.

But recent behavior of the caldera and the environment surrounding the National Park is causing an alarm. There were unusual seismic activities around the world and they believe it can trigger an early eruption of the volcano.

There were fumes; illuminating ground and boiling of rivers near the area suggesting that the massive volcano might erupt this year.

According to a news report by Express UK, the newly released video of the volcano in Wyoming showing steam and ash rising in the surface creates a concern that the gigantic magma reserve underneath is about to blow. These behaviors weren't observed in the Yellowstone National Park earlier this year.

In the latest video enhanced by YouTube user Kath Martin, it could be observed that steam and heavier fumes were rising from the ground. And before the video finished, there was a spark seen which looks like it came from the ground.

The person who published the video said that the footage was from the Geyser Observation and Study Association.

GOSA is the official observation partner of the Yellowstone National Park. The "purpose is the collection and dissemination of information about geysers and other geothermal phenomena in Yellowstone National Park ".

GOSA constantly films time lapse videos of the Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park using a webcam mounted in the area.

While another report said there were odd boiling of Shoshone River near the park last March. Although there were boiling rivers open for swimming in the park, locals who witnessed the boiling of water in Shoshone said it is the first time it happened on this part.

This might also suggest that the supervolcano is about to blow and a vent was opened.

In the same report by Express, they stated that the super volcano's eruption is 2,000 times more devastating than a normal volcano. This can be attributed to the unusually large magma deposit underneath.

No one can say for sure if it will happen this year, but the unusual behavior of the caldera and the surroundings is telling us that something is brewing.

If the catastrophic eruption happens, it can wipe out two thirds of the U.S. making it uninhabitable, some even say it can greatly damage the earth displacing millions of residents.

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