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Toronto temperature soars to record 15.5C

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The temperature in Toronto soared past the forecast of 14C Wednesday, reaching 15.5C (60F) and breaking records.

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Meteorologist Desjanelle Matthews of Environment Canada had predicted that a record high for February 3, that had stood for 25 years, would be easily shattered.

“The previous record was on February 3, 1991, at 9.3C. With the low pressure system heading north, Toronto will be experiencing the warming southern winds,” Matthews says.

This is a stark contrast to the overall record Toronto broke last year, with the coldest February recorded in the city’s history. The average temperature for February 2015 was -12.6 C, which broke the 1979 record for that month.

With Toronto coasting on the warm side this February, Matthews told the Star the city can anticipate a “quiet weather” week with no storm warnings or watches.

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