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UK Liberal Democrats plan to ban all classic cars

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Like it or not, you will drive hybrid cars. That's the message from Britain's Liberal Democrats: They have proposed a bill that would outlaw all non-hybrid cars from English roads by 2040.

The Liberal Democrats are the third largest ruling party in the English parliament, they hold 55 out of 650 seats in the House of Commons, and they are into the green economy. In their white paper "Green Growth and Green Jobs - Transition To A Zero Carbon Britain" they state - as one of the key components of the future - eliminating all but ultra-low emissions non-freight vehicles from British roads.

That means that only hybrids, electric cars, or super-efficient diesels would be allowed to drive British streets. It seems that there's enough time until 2040 but auto industry can't adapt to that proposal without government support. Such a plan would also eliminate high-end automobile sales and it would mean the end of all the classic cars, older models, and sport cars Britons loves so much.

It should be said here that London is a town with a huge number of cars, on pair with Paris or Beijing and that there's plenty of CO2 in the air. Beijing and Paris are among the other cities working to limit car use in urban areas as concerns about air pollution and quality-of-life supercede the need for automobiles, but they are not talking about such a drastic measures like Liberals.

Another question is what the consequence for the economy in the United Kindgom would be. Some automakers could pull out of the English market altogether, and the market for new cars would probably descreased.

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