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94% of CEOs say consumer data most valuable for companies

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The results of a survey conducted by PwC suggest that consumer data is the most valuable for companies to harvest.

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In PwC's 22nd Annual Global CEO survey, 94% consider data on customer and client preferences and needs as critical or important.

It's been accepted that for some time, data is the key to unlocking customer value and when it comes to predicting trends in retail, in 2019 data, or more importantly, the smart use of customer data is now firmly at the top of the list.

According to the survey - of nearly 300 CEOs in the U.S. in companies with a turnover in excess of $500 million - 86% of businesses say 2019 is the year in which they will race to extract value from data.

And perhaps what is more revealing is that 88% say that in 2019 they have the potential to pull ahead of their rivals in this race.

Top of the list for companies wishing to extract value from data is consumer data, PwC’s Pulse Survey reveals. Further, it shows that executives particularly value data on consumer preferences, current and predicted.