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CEO must help

Roger Quinn |
The best way to make your stakeholders happy is to solve the problems of your workers. Maybe you can solve such problems with one phone call, but somebody will remember that for life.

After years and years of hard work, learning and pushing career up and up, the day comes when somebody say: "We are very lucky to have you with us. Let me present you to our staff". Then follows your first CEO speech, a little hugging and a toast, and the next day you find yourself alone in the best office in the building.

It is good feeling, a very good one, indeed, but after some time you may ask yourself: "Am I really responsible for all those people? There are thousands of them! And they have families... If I make a bad decision they may end up in the street - and I'll be to blame."

If thoughts like that ever crossed your mind we congratulate you. That means that you somehow manage to be a human being after all, and that means that hard work didn't kill humanity in you. If you never thought about it, please stop and ask yourself what kind of CEO you are.

We firmly believe that in the very competitive world there is, and there must be, some space for humanity. "People are our most valuable asset", those are the words of many, but thoughts of a few. That is understandable because it is very difficult to run a business successfully and to care about your workers at the same time, but it’s possible.

And we believe it is necessary. Indeed, people are your most valuable asset and you must have a plan how to deal with people. I'm not thinking about HR department, but about you and your personal relationship with your workers.

Right from the start, if you didn't think about that before, make a schedule and find the time when you will meet your workers. Make those meetings informal and listen to their problems and need, both at work and at home. It may be frustrated and exhausting, that's true, but is should be done.

It doesn't matter are those meeting every week or once in six months, it is important to held them in regular intervals. It is to be remembered that the problem that looks so small to you may be the question of life and death to your worker. A day off, a small help in money, help in finding a new house or a kindergarten... Maybe you can solve such problems with one phone call, but somebody will remember that for life.

Go and see the people and their problems. Help if you can, and if you can't - listen. Sometimes that helps, too. All that said and done, don't allow yourself to be the prisoner of your office.