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How to get an outside view about your company

Ted Blackwater |
So, you have great products, the company has everything in place, and you are one lucky CEO. However, do you know what your customers really think about you?

Whatever you do, at the end of the day just one thing counts: what your customers think about you. All preparations, product development, marketing, and other efforts have just one final goal: to make your customer happy. Because then they will buy and that will in turn make you happy. So, if the business is not going as expected, there could be one single reason: you didn't ask your customers what they think.

So, what to do? The first and the most important thing is - ask. You simply must ask your customers what is their opinion. Some people are not comfortable with asking others and they reflect that on their company but in that case there are other means like website polls or third party that can do a research on your behalf. But in any case, you must ask.

There is another problem: some customers are not willing to answer totally honestly face to face so they must have an option to express their opinion without stating their identity.

There are two groups or your customers: new and recurring. They are both equally important. Ask your new customers what sets your company above others and what's their initial opinion about your brand and product. Never forget your brand, this is you, this is your company, without brand you are unrecognizable.

Ask your old customers what makes them coming back again. Is that the quality of your products, great treatment they get from the sales personnel, trust in you, or something else. This is important because they are maybe coming back from different reasons than you think and that is important for your future strategies.

Another group of customers you'd want to talk to is your former customer that left you. They should be ask why they left. Is that because of high prices, low products standard, bad selling strategy or because of something else. Keep in mind that is way more expensive to get a new customer than to keep an existing one, so it's very important to learn why they left.

Talking to your customers will give you more clear picture about the position of your company on the market. It's not important what you think, your customers are the ones that keep your company alive. So, don't forget them.

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