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Human resources leaders’ number one priority in 2022 will be building critical skills and competencies

Christian Fernsby |
The survey of more than 550 HR leaders found the top priorities for 2022 are organizational design and change management (48%).

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Fifty four percent of the 274 HR leaders surveyed by Gartner on their 2022 priorities reported that their employees are suffering from change fatigue.

In fact, Gartner analysis finds that small day to day changes different teammates, a new manager, small process or system shifts are much more prevalent and 2.5 times more fatiguing to employees than big transformational changes.

To be successful in hybrid environment, where managers have dramatically less visibility into their employees’ day to day reality, empathy must be at the forefront.

Managers who lead with empathy develop high levels of trust with their employees, create a culture of transparency and acceptance within their teams, and prioritize people over processes. They also contextualize performance and behavior proactively asking questions and seeking information to better understand the specifics of their direct reports’ contexts.

Gartner TalentNeuron data reveals that new skills are replacing old ones nearly one in three skills that were needed for a job in 2018 will not be needed by 2022 and that the average number of skills per job is increasing steadily.

“Change fatigue is about more than just the volume of change, it’s also about the exertion and disruption of each experience.” said Mark Whittle, vice president of advisory in the Gartner HR practice.

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