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Simple and effective ways to kill productivity

Ted Blackwater |
While setting tasks and duties for your employees, it's easy to go too far. This is especially easy if you are a new manager or company founder.

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Too much restrictions. If your list of duties for your employees starts with "It it against company rules to:" there's a good chance that you will turn your company into a working camp.

If you make a list of restricted websites, instant messaging and other apps, you will achieve - nothing.

You see, people learned how to do nothing at work a long time ago, the time being wasted at work is probably as old as the work itself. There's always a way to work slowly, spend time on "hard" task or take endless meetings.

The good approach would be to periodically reward the best workers and to keep good, relaxed atmosphere at the company.

Without any doubt, you heard this unfortunate sentence before: "Your child is sick? We need you here, this is time for work, not for your family problems." But, if you say "Go home and take care of your kid, we'll cover you," you will get a worker who will give everything she can and then some. Just be human.


Well, micromanaging is something every new leader must be warned of. Checking every simple detail is bad from more angles that you think. First, if you are checking every step of the way, you are telling your employee that she's not capable of working on her own. This is very discouraging. And second, you are wasting your own time instead of doing something useful.

Instead of strict control, set goals and leave your people alone.

When the checkpoint comes, you will surprised how good employees you have, the quality of their work will improve and they will grow. And one more thing: Do not ask your employees to explain every single minute of their working day, that kills productivity just like that.

And we must touch another popular approach in almost every company in the world: a casual dress code.

It may seem as a good idea to let people relax but it really has nothing to do with productivity. First, you may wear suit or be completely naked, your productivity is the same.

Second, many business people are used to formal dress code and to force casual on them just doesn't make sense. Just think about it: "Hey, you work way better in that red sweater! But in the dark suit... I'm not happy with your productivity." Sounds insane, doesn't it? It does, because it is.

And if there is casual dress code in place it makes no sense to set strict rules what's casual and what's not - allow your people to wear whatever they feel good in and then they will be relaxed.

So, when thinking about company culture, let your list starts with "We want to achieve..." and not "Here is forbidden:" You will be rewarded with great results.

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