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Simple signs to spot toxic work environment

Christian Fernsby |
It’s not always easy to spot a toxic work environment but you can spot one if you pay attention to some details.

Article continues below has identified warning signs to look out for before starting a new job.

Before the interview pay attention to the job description. If it's vague or too long, you might as well skip to another job ad. You know those ads with an arm long job description will everything that fits on paper, and you should ideally be 25 years old with experience that lasts 25 years? Yes, skip that.

If the interview has common questions we all know like what's your best side, what are your weaknesses, why do you want to work there blah blah you might go because this shows that those people are unable to make real questions so it's very questionable will they be able to define the job properly.

If you reach the interview stage where you can ask questions and you get a vague answer to "What are the company's core values?" question, that is a reason for alarm. If they don't know they won't be able to clearly tell you what's expected from you.

Then, observe the other side of the table. Are those people colleagues or there is a silence while the boss speaks? If they nod to everything the boss says the chance is you will have to.

Are they interested in you or they just conduct an interview because they have to? If they are not interested, it's better to find a place where your prospective employer will treat you better.

If the interview is very short and everything is done in minutes, that's not a good sign. When someone want to good employee some time must be spent. So, just "hello" and a few simple questions show that is neither a serious job interview nor a serious company.

Take a look around and pay attention is the place quiet. If it is then you don't have to come back. That most probably means that there is no collaboration or people are too scared to talk because the boss will yell. This is not a company you want to work for.