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30 countries rush to help Iran under U.S. sanctions, Human Rights Watch urges U.S. to step back

Christian Fernsby |
Human Rights Watch on Monday requested the U.S. to take action to ease its sanctions and expand licensing of sanctions-exempt items to ensure Iran's access to essential humanitarian resources during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Broad US-imposed economic s­anctions are negatively affecting the Iranian government’s ability to adequately respond to the mounting health consequences of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, wrote HRW's official website.

The HRW wrote, “As the burden on the country’s debilitated health care system has dramatically increased, the broad US economic sanctions resulting in severe international banking restrictions have drastically constrained the ability of the country to finance humanitarian imports, including medicines and medical equipment.”

"But it is wrong and callous for the Trump administration to compound Iranians' misery by depriving them of access to the critical medical resources they urgently need,” said Kenneth Roth, Executive Director at Human Rights Watch.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said on Monday in his press conference after Nowruz that more than 30 countries and international organizations helped Iran over coronavirus campaign.

Congratulating the New Year and the National Day of Nuclear Energy, Abbas Mouasvi hoped in the video conference that the New Year would be a year of peace and prosperity for the people of Iran and that the country would be victorious against all the challenges, including coronavirus outbreak, extremism, violence, and sanctions.

Mousavi hoped that the domestic and powerful nuclear technology of Iran will have a huge progress and be used for peace, welfare and security of Iran and the region.

He sympathized with the people of 200 countries that are fighting with coronavirus pandemic and said that according to Iranian world-famous Saadi, “Human beings are members of a whole – In creation of one essence and soul,” adding that Iranians cannot have calm when the entire humanity is in pain.

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