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31 wildfires ravage forests and crops in Algeria

Christian Fernsby |
A total of 31 wildfires have destroyed more than seven hectares of forests and crops in province of Mostaganem in northwestern Algeria, the state-owned APS news agency reported on Sunday.

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"Most of these wildfires have been recorded in the eastern parts of Mostaganem province, where civil protection staff managed to rescue 38 hectares," local sources told APS.

The wildfires ravaged several hectares of wheat and barley crops as well as hundreds of haystacks and Eucalyptus and Aleppo pine trees.

The civil defense authorities in Mostaganem warned farmers against these fires that coincide with the harvest and wheat-threshing season and urged them to take the proper precautions to guarantee the safety of crops, particularly grains.

Some 94 wildfires destroyed 26 hectares of farmlands and wheat and barley crops in the province last year.

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