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4 bodies retrieved after mine collapse in Indonesia

Christian Fernsby |
Rescuers have recovered four bodies of gold miners who were killed in a mine collapse in Indonesia's western Jambi province, Head of Provincial Search and Rescue Office Ibnu Harris Al Hussain said.

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The incident occurred at the weekend when the four miners were working in an illegal gold mine in Pulau Baru village of Merangin district, Hussain said.

"Suddenly the mine collapsed inside the shaft and buried all the miners. We commenced search and rescue soon after the incident and today (Monday) all of their bodies were retrieved," he told Xinhua from the province.

Two other miners who were also laboring in the mine probably escaped the incident, the head of the search and rescue office said.

All the bodies were found about six meters underground, Hussain said.

The Indonesian government has banned operation of illegal gold mines, which are usually small sized in remote areas.

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