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7 rescued, 2 missing as Taiwan cargo ship capsizes

Christian Fernsby |
Seven crew members have been rescued and two remained missing after a Taiwanese cargo ship sank off the coast of the Chinese mainland province of Fujian Wednesday night.


The cargo ship capsized after colliding with an unknown ship south of the Chuanshi Island in the estuary of the Minjiang River at about 10 p.m. Wednesday, said the Fujian Maritime Safety Administration.

At the time of the accident, nine crew members, including six Taiwanese and three Indonesians, were aboard the ship. By 9 a.m. Thursday, two Taiwanese crew members were still missing.

The provincial search and rescue center has dispatched three patrol boats and coordinated the East China Sea Rescue Bureau to send professional rescue ships and helicopters to the scene. Dozens civil ships were also involved in the rescue operation.

The search and rescue operation is still underway and the other ship in the collision is being investigated.

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