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After deadly hit on Bahamas Hurricane Dorian to mix with Gabrielle and hit UK

Christian Fernsby |
U.S. National Hurricane Center says Hurricane Dorian has weakened to a Category 1 storm with top sustained winds of 90 mph.

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Hurricane Dorian is heading to the UK from the Bahamas and is set to sweep up Storm Gabrielle on the way.

The dramatic combination of the two huge weather systems will shake up the forecast for Britain next week, the Met Office warns.

The remnants of the category five Hurricane Dorian will cross the Atlantic and reach the coast of Britain in the middle of the week.

Forecasters say strong winds will be noticeable in the north, with Scotland at most risk of gales.

Steven Keats of the Met Office said: "Storm Gabrielle is churning away in the mid Atlantic at the moment. It could intensify to become a hurricane.

"It looks as though the remnants of that will probably come our way later next week, probably on Thursday or Friday. It will bring another spell of windier weather and some rain for some of us."

"It will bring some strong winds to northern parts of the UK, particularly Scotland, and maybe some risk of gales.

"It will be noticeably windy, particularly in the north, with potential gusts of up to 50 miles-per-hour.

"It will influence our weather but it's not expected to be too disruptive.

"The south will see a band of rain coming through on Wednesday and breezy weather."

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