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Air Defense of Venezuela shot down unknown plane

Christian Fernsby |
The Venezuelan media reported an unknown plane shot down over the country, which violated the borders of Venezuela and did not respond to a warning about the opening of fire, learned citing news agency Aviapro.

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As a result of the missile attack, the plane was destroyed – the fate of the people on board the aircraft was not disclosed. However, given the damage sustained by the aircraft, the people most likely died.

As follows from the information provided by the Venezuelan television, the aircraft transported drugs, while the aircraft moved at a low altitude, trying to circumvent Venezuelan air defense systems.

After several requests and warnings about the opening of fire, the plane was shot down – according to some sources, an anti-aircraft guided missile was fired at the aircraft (judging by the damage, it could be a Buk air defense system), and according to other sources, the aircraft was shot down by the Venezuelan Air Force.

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