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Air Force drops three bombs over Florida and they have no idea where

Christian Fernsby |
An Air Force plane A-10C Thunderbolt II was found to have accidentally released three bombs while flying over Florida.

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However, the very, very good news is that these were training bombs which means that they were duds, meaning that in terms of damage, it could have been a lot worse.

Unfortunately, it also seems that due to the fact that these bombs were not released as intended, the Air Force isn’t too clear on where these bombs might be.

While they are not real bombs, the Air Force has also warned the public that should they come across it, that they not handle it because they do come equipped with a small pyrotechnic charge which could still prove to be dangerous if not handled properly.

The public have been told that if they were to come across these dummy bombs, that they contact the 23rd Wing Command Post to let them know its location for recovery purposes.

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