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Air India flight grounded in UK after bomb threat but bags left in Mumbai

Christian Fernsby |
An Air India flight was forced the flight to make an emergency landing at London Stansted Airport after a bomb threat.

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The flight was diverted mid air over Northern Ireland after the authorities got to know that an explosive had been stowed away in the luggage onboard the flight.

According to reports, the Air India flight 191, from Mumbai to Newark, after it made a precautionary landing, realised that most of the check-in luggage had been left behind at the Mumbai airport. Why? Because the flight was overbooked.

This is the one time probably, when, not having their luggage onboard the flight; the passengers would have felt actually relieved.

According to reports, the registered baggage and cargo, which were supposed to be loaded on Air India, were checked following the threat and were found safe.

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