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Air Zimbabwe grounds Boeing 767 after engine bursts into flames

Christian Fernsby |
Air Zimbabwe was forced to ground its flight from Johannesburg to Harare after the ordeal.

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The plane's engine malfunctioned during the journey, resulting in a "brief tale pipe fire".

Air Zimbabwe say the fire didn't threaten to the safety of the passengers on board.

It had previously been reported that the plane was forced to return to South Africa to make an emergency landing, but the airline said the fire didn't interrupt the journey.

Engineers are currently investigating the cause of the problem.

The plane landed in Harare at the planned time of 8:35pm on Sunday night.

Sunday's fire is another incident on a Boeing plane and follows the tragic Ethiopian Airlines crash last month.

The doomed plane reportedly hit a mystery object just after take-off sending it plunging to the ground and killing all 157 on board.

A preliminary report released earlier this month by Ethiopia's government says the crew of the jet performed all of the procedures recommended by Boeing when the plane started to nose dive but could not control it.

A statement from the airline said: "Air Zimbabwe wishes to inform the public that their Boeing 767-200ER servicing flight UM642 experienced a malfunction on one of its engines resulting in a brief tail pipe fire.

"However, the malfunction did not threaten the continuation of the flight and safety of the crew and passengers on board and it landed safely in Harare.

"Our engineers have commenced the requisite investigations and a report will be issued in due course."

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