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American Airlines flight makes emergency landing

Christian Fernsby |
An emergency landing was required by an American Airlines flight that was scheduled to go from Charlotte to Philadelphia.

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There were almost 200 passengers on the plane.

The pilot decided to turn the plane around not long after it took off because he thought that there might be some kind of mechanical problem.

He saw some warning lights that indicated there might be engine trouble.

However, no problems were found when the engine was inspected later that day.

There was some damage on one side of the plane.

It is not known what caused the damage.

All of the passengers were put on a different flight and they arrived safely in Philadelphia.

The incident is going to be investigated by the FAA.

This is standard procedure whenever a plane is forced to make an emergency landing.

The pilot said that the plane was responding to his commands and there did not seem to be any issues steering the plane.

However, his instruments showed that there could be a potentially very serious engine issue.

Therefore, he had no choice than to turn around and go back to the Charlotte airport.

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