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American Airlines makes emergency landing after crew members lost consciousness

Christian Fernsby |
Two crew members who apparently lost consciousness on an American Airlines plane have been taken to a hospital in Dublin after fumes from spilled cleaning fluid caused an emergency landing.

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A spokesman for the airline said Monday that medical personnel met American Airlines flight 729 after it landed Monday afternoon.

The spokesman says the two crew members who became ill were treated and released.

One passenger was also hospitalized.

The plane was flying from London to Philadelphia when it diverted to Dublin due to odor from cleaning fluid that spilled in the galley.

According to audio of the incident, the pilot can be heard requesting "immediate assistance."

"We've had one, actually we've had two of our flight crew staff, excuse me, the cabin staff has actually lost consciousness, I think they're back to state of consciousness now and there are general complaints about burning eyes and other problems with the mucus in the nose, skin problems."

American says the Airbus A330 was carrying 287 passengers and a crew of 12.

The flight landed safely in Dublin at 1:15 p.m. local time, and taxied to the gate, the airline said.

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