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Angola investigating 150 corruption cases

Christian Fernsby |
The Attorney General's Office (PGR) currently has 150 cases under investigation and 80 pre-trial proceedings underway related to cases of corruption and mismanagement of public funds, Inocencia Pinto, national director of prevention and anti-corruption, reported.

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The deputy prosecutor added that some cases had already been brought to court, without specifying the number or the citizens involved.

She stressed that these processes are the result of preventive activities carried out by the body under the strategic plan to crack down on corruption, which began last year.

Inocencia Pinto said that the phenomenon of corruption has reached alarming dimensions, affecting all sectors of the State, a fact that leads to internal prevention campaigns.

As part of the crackdown on so-called white collar crimes, one of the key pillars of the President Joao Lourenzo government, the charges against the former governor of Luanda, Higino Carneiro, and the former director of the Office for the Revitalization and Execution of Institutional Communication, Manuel Rabelais, are already brought to the Supreme Court.

On August 15, former Transport Minister Augusto Tomás was sentenced to 14 years in jail, but his defense attorneys appealed on the basis of violations in the process, such as using the initial arguments as evidence without having been proven.

According to several social and political sectors, two years after his presidential election, Lourenzo has little to show in his fight against corruption, despite it featuring as one of the pivotal issues in his candidacy.

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