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Army units assist fire department in Greece after snowstorm

Christian Fernsby |
The snowfall, which hit Athens on Monday, was the worst seen in the capital since 2008 according to meteorologists.

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Snow blanketed ancient monuments like the Acropolis and the cold front, dubbed "Medea" after the mythical Greek sorceress of the Argonauts, sent temperatures plunging, with a maximum low of minus 24.8 Celsius (minus 12.6 Fahrenheit) near the northwestern city of Florina early Wednesday.

Up to 250,000 homes in the greater Athens area were earlier estimated to be without electricity, regional governor George Patoulis told state TV ERT.

Snow and wind felled some 900 trees in the greater Athens area alone, Patoulis said.

Greece called in the armed forces Wednesday to help repair widespread damage caused by heavy snowfall in Athens, while blizzards continued to cause havoc in neighbouring Turkey and with the snow reaching as far as Libya.

Armed forces service members, including marines, used cranes and chain saws to help fire crews clear hundreds of downed trees that damaged the electricity network and blocked roads.

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