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Australia experience hottest day and it will be even hotter

Christian Fernsby |
Australia has experienced its hottest ever day and temperatures are expected to soar even higher, with much of the country sweltering in an intense heatwave.


The national average temperature hit 40.9C (105F), while some areas came close to recording 50C highs.

Soaring temperatures come amid ongoing bushfires in Australia, which has seen an increase in hospital admissions because of smoke and heat in New South Wales, where more than 100 blazes are still alight, helped by strong winds, severe drought and high temperatures.

Average beat the previously record of 40.3C from January 7, 2013, according to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

The weather bureau said temperatures in southern and central Australia may reach between eight and 16 degrees higher than normal.

Temperatures have soared to 47.7C in Birdsville, Queensland, 46.9C in Mandora, Western Australia, with similar highs being recorded in southern and central Australia.

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