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Belgium to remove entry ban for unmarried partners of Belgians from September 1

Christian Fernsby |
Starting from September 1, lovers who have been separated for months now due to the ongoing pandemic, one of whom is Belgian, can now reunite in Belgium.

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The decision has been announced by the Belgian Minister of the Interior, Security and Foreign Trade Pieter De Crem through a tweet, which consists of a picture of him near a monument of the letters “LOVE”.

“Love triumphs and knows no boundaries. From September 1, visits are again possible for Belgians with relations abroad. Couples must be able to demonstrate a lasting love relationship,” the Minister tweeted above the picture.

The decision has been confirmed by the Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès, who published a list of the measures decided to be taken by the Federal Council regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, among which was also listed the lifting of the travel ban for unmarried but long-term partners of Belgian citizens.

“People who have been physically separated in recent months because they come from different countries and who prove that they have a lasting relationship but are not married will be allowed to cross the border from September 1. They will be subject to the same testing and quarantine rules as the others,” the press release explains.

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