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Bourbon Rhode: Possible distress rocket spotted

Christian Fernsby |
The prefecture of Martinique announced that "a possible distress rocket" was spotted in the night from Sunday to Monday near the research area of ​​the tug Bourbon Rhode, which sank in the Atlantic at the end of September.

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During the night from Sunday to Monday, "the ship Alp Striker, chartered by the insurance company of the Bourbon group, en route to the research area, reported to the Cross Antilles-French Guiana that two observers on the bridge saw during twenty of seconds a white and then red pyrotechnic signal that they interpreted as a possible distress flare ", explains the prefecture.

"The zone of origin of this signal is consistent with one of the hypotheses of drifting of possible shipwrecked Bourbon Rhode", adds the communiqué of the prefecture, but "the researches undertaken by the Alp Striker [...] have for the 'moment given no result'.

The Regional Operational Monitoring and Rescue Center (Cross) Antilles-Guyana "immediately asked three merchant ships to divert and go to the area they will reach (from Tuesday)." He also asked "every ship in the area to be vigilant". Finally, on Tuesday morning, "a US Coast Guard Hercules C-130 aircraft will also fly over the area."

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