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Bribe blocks border crossing between South Africa and Zimbabwe

Christian Fernsby |
Tempers are raging at the Beitbridge border post between South Africa and Zimbabwe, where truck drivers claim that bribes of up to R1000 are being extorted from those who want to cross the border.

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The queues at the border post are now so long that some trucks are having to wait for as long as four days to get through.

“You can be number 10 in the queue, but if you or your boss don’t pay a bribe, then you’re not going anywhere,” said a source in the road freight industry, who asked not to be identified.

Both the Road Freight Association and the CrossBorder Road Transportation Authority (CBRTA) have confirmed that they are aware of cases of bribery.

Road Freight Association chief executive Gavin Kelly said the association sometimes receives hourly complaints about incidents where money is demanded from truck drivers for them to move forward in the queue.

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