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Bulgaria seizes half ton of Colombian cocaine hidden in citrus shipment

Christian Fernsby |
Bulgarian authorities seized half a ton of cocaine from Colombia, hidden in two trucks carrying citrus fruits.

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The drugs were hidden in 6,700 boxes of fruit, with between 80 and 100 grams in each box, amounting to a total of “approximately 500 kilos” said Interior Ministry Secretary General, Ivaylo Ivanov.

The market price is € 22 million wholesale, as according to the information available to the ministry, the drug is of extremely high purity.

The shipment reached Europe by sea, and then Bulgaria by land.

Most likely, the drug is intended for the Bulgarian market, leading investigators to believe that it “indicates the existence of an international drug trafficking route.”

Two men, whose companies were listed as recipients of the cargo, were remanded in custody and have been charged with “participation in an organised crime group for cocaine trafficking from Colombia to Bulgaria.” One of those arrested is a former director of the Sofia Customs Agency.

Bulgaria and neighboring Romania are considered key transit points for cocaine from Latin America to Western Europe.

A recent Europol report revealed that in 2019 28, 585 kilos of cocaine, were intercepted in Europe, along with 9, 224 kilos of heroin and 41, 283 kilos of cannabis, while 2, 686 people were arrested for drug trafficking in the EU last year.

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