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Bulgaria temporarily bans entry of third country nationals, some EU, Schengen countries

Christian Fernsby |
Bulgaria temporarily suspends the entry of all third country nationals into its territory from all border crossings by air, sea, rail and road, said the Ministry of Interior.

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Entry into the country of passengers coming from a number of EU Member States and Schengen countries is also suspended, regardless of the travelers' nationality.

These countries, which pose a high risk of COVID-19 spread, include Italy, Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg.

The ban does not apply to Bulgarian citizens, family members of Bulgarian citizens and persons with permanent and long-term residence status in the territory of Bulgaria.

Citizens from these EU Member States and Schengen countries and their family members are allowed to transit through the territory of Bulgaria in order to return to their country of residence.

The ban does not apply to: health care professionals, health researchers and elderly care professionals; transport personnel engaged in the transport of goods, aircraft crews engaged in commercial air transport and other transport personnel as necessary; diplomats, officials of international organizations, military personnel, humanitarian workers performing their duties; persons traveling for humanitarian reasons; third-country nationals who have a long-term residence permit in an EU Member State and are passing through Bulgaria in order to return to their country of residence.

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