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California AG Becerra about EPA's methane plan: This is monumentally stupid

Christian Fernsby |
California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra is chastising the Trump Administration over its plan to revoke Obama-era regulations on climate-changing methane leaks from many oil facilities.


The state’s top lawyer called the plan “a monumentally stupid decision” and promised, once again, to fight the federal Environmental Protection Agency over its easing of environmental rules.

“As we face a catastrophic climate emergency, now is not the time to go backwards,” Becerra said in a statement. “It is beyond foolish to gut rules that reduce emissions of super pollutants and protect against increased ozone. The EPA must get back to its mission of protecting our environment and public health, not the profits of corporate polluters.”

Becerra issued his comments shortly after the New York Times reported that EPA officials wanted to cut back on the regulation of methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas and a major contributor to climate change.

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