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Coronavirus cases going up in U.S. but Republicans don't belive that

Christian Fernsby |
A new poll by Pew Research Center revealed 61% of Republicans said the country had suffered the worst of the pandemic and 65% said they were now comfortable eating in a restaurant, despite the startling spike in new cases across the nation.

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This is in sharp contrast to Democrats who said they were still worried and were uncomfortable going to salons, restaurants, or social gatherings. Only 28% of Democrats said they would be O.K. eating in a restaurant.

Democrats have argued for more caution reopening the country, and leaned to enforcing restrictive measures such as mandating the wearing of face masks, as suggested by presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Overall the survey conducted between June 16-22 and involved 4,708 American adults, found a striking ideological divide between how Republicans and Democrats regarded the coronavirus threat.

Although the poll did indicate Americans of both parties are less worried about the virus than they were in April when only 26% revealed they felt the crisis was on the wane, experts warn the facts indicate the U.S. has a long way to go before we get over the hump. Cases have skyrocketed in the past few weeks. Last Friday, the U.S. recorded its greatest daily surge with a whopping 45,498 new cases.

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