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Cyber attack hit key U.S. Treasury systems, says senator

Christian Fernsby |
Hackers broke into systems used by top U.S. Treasury officials during a massive cyberattack on government agencies and may have stolen essential encryption keys, a senior lawmaker said Monday.

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Senator Ron Wyden, who sits on both the Senate Intelligence and Finance Committees, said after a closed door briefing that the hack at the US Treasury Department "appears to be significant."

Dozens of email accounts were compromised, he said in a statement.

"Additionally the hackers broke into systems in the Departmental Offices division of Treasury, home to the department's highest ranking officials," said Wyden.

"Treasury still does not know all of the actions taken by hackers, or precisely what information was stolen."

So far officials have said the hackers broke into computers at the State Department, Commerce Department, Treasury, Homeland Security Department, and the National Institutes of Health.

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