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Czech president Zeman too ill to work

Christian Fernsby |
Czech President Milos Zeman is currently unable to carry out his duties, the head of parliament’s upper house has said, citing a report he had requested from the hospital where Zeman has been in intensive care for more than a week.

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Milos Vystrcil, the Senate speaker, told reporters on Monday that the report said it was unlikely Zeman could return to work in the coming weeks.

He said parliament thus needed to discuss enacting a constitutional clause that shifts the president’s duties to other officials, including the appointment of a new prime minister following the October 8-9 election.

Such a move would require the consent of both houses of parliament, with the new lower chamber due to meet for the first time on November 8.

Zeman’s office has disregarded calls to give any details on the 77 year old president’s condition or diagnosis, beyond saying his hospitalisation did not get in the way of his duties.

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