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Ecuador and Colombia to open shared border in December

Christian Fernsby |
Ecuador and Colombia agreed to the bilateral reopening of their shared border from the start of December after it was closed amid the coronavirus pandemic, and pledged to work together to combat drug trafficking.

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"Opening the borders means no Ecuadorian or Colombian family will have to pay criminal bands charging to cross via alternative routes, rather than the official ones, which will be opened on December 1," Ecuador's President Guillermo Lasso said in Quito following a meeting with his Colombian counterpart Ivan Duque.

During the meeting, Colombia offered to support Ecuador in the fight against drug trafficking.

"Ecuador will receive everything it needs from Colombia to fight against organized crime," Colombia's President Ivan Duque said.

The two presidents also discussed repatriation of prisoners. Duque said the process to repatriate 170 prisoners will proceed in line with laws and protocols.

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