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Estonia refuses entry to Russian ship and plane with Russian Deputy Prime Minister onboard

Christian Fernsby |
The spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova said that Estonia, without any explanation, did not allow the Russian vessel Academician Primakov to enter its territorial waters, reports Interfax news agency.

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According to her, this decision of the Estonian side was "extremely surprising" for the Russian Foreign Ministry, as this year, Estonia already permitted this vessel to enter its waters twice. Zakharova noted that this time, permission was denied without explanation.

Zakharova also stressed that this is the third case in recent years when Estonia refuses to permit Russian sailors and aircraft to enter Estonian territory. So, in early October, Tallinn prohibited the flight of the plane with the Russian Deputy Prime Minister onboard through the territory of Estonia. In April, Estonia denied the Russian training vessel Sedov entry in its territorial waters.

The spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry added that these "unfriendly demarches "will be considered by Russia when developing further bilateral relations.

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